Asodisvalle Vocational School

Fundación Jeison Aristizabal-Asodisvalle
Cali, Colombia

This will be a vocational school on the campus of Asodisvalle in Cali, Colombia. The school will offer technical training services for people 18 to 35 years of age, with physical or cognitive disabilities.

This center aimes to not only promote labor inclusion and projects of entrepreneurship, but to improve the quality of life, reduce unemployment and poverty rates, and provide social welfare to this group of people who due to their disabilities, do not have the same employment opportunities as others.

The Center will include the following programs:

  • baking and pastry making
  • cosmetology
  • leather working
  • gardening
  • seamstress sewing
  • computer technician training
The project will be finished by November of 2022.

Fundación Asodisvalle is an institution whose mission is to help low income children who have physical or cognitive disabilities. The foundation offers free services and special attention to children and adolescents specifically in education and rehabilitation.

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About Colombia


Of the 3 million persons with disabilities that Colombia has, 52.3% are of working age (about 1.6 million people) but only 15.5% (480,000 persons with disabilities) have a job, and only 2.5% earn one (1) minimum wage or more.

Source: Information on the Productivity Pact, an alliance between the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Saldarriaga-Concha Foundation and other Colombian entities.

Grand Opening

November 17, 2023


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Fundación Jeison Aristizabal-Asodisvalle

Our Impact

This Vocational School aims to improve unemployment and poverty rates, quality of life, as well as provide and promote labor inclusion to this group of people who, due to their disabilities, do not count with the same employment opportunities as others.