Casita de Belén - Phase I, II & III

Fundación Casita de Belén
Cali, Colombia

Maestro Cares Foundation, along with Grupo Trusot, funded the expansion of the Casita de Belen orphanage by adding a third building. The funding provided has supported larger and better equipped spaces where caregivers and teachers can appropriately attend to the children at Casita de Belen with tutoring, arts programs, and all other services offered.

This new building includes new dormitories, bathrooms and a recreational space with a synthetic soccer field. An additional 100 infants and toddlers of ages 0-8 who have suffered from abandonment and are in physical danger now call this place home. The project aims to improve the quality of the care provided to the children at Casita de Belen and to increase the capacity of orphanage and school by 40%. The improved spaces positively impact the well-being of the boys and girls participating in the program as well as the staff.

Casita de Belen is a non-profit institution that protects and supports vulnerable children by caring for them and offering them the opportunity to change their condition of life towards a better future.

Phase II

In 2020 Maestro Cares Foundation committed to the construction of Phase II of this project which consists of contructing a two story building and terrace in conjunction to the current home. This second phase of the project increases the capcity of Casita de Belen's programs and grant more recreational and learning spaces for the children. Phase II was inaugurated on November 2021.

Phase III

The third phase consists of creating classrooms, expand the current dining room, and creating a ramp connecting the second and first floor. The classrooms will be on the first and second floor. The dining room area will be extended to hold more seating. Construction of the third phase will start in fall of 2022 and will be completed in 2023.

Thanks to our Partners

Fundación Tecnoglass
Grupo Trusot

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About Colombia

There are an estimated 577,000 orphans in Colombia.

Source: World Bank

Grand Opening

Phase I - September 6, 2019
Phase II - September 2021
Phase III - November 17, 2023


Fundación Tecnoglass
Grupo Trusot


Casita de Belen

Our Impact

This expansion increased capacity by 25% at Casita de Belen. 100 babies and infants now are given the opportunity to grow up in a loving and healthy environment during the early stages of their formative years.