Internado Monseñor Victor Tamayo

Barranquilla Mayor’s Office
Barranquilla, Colombia

Maestro Cares Foundation, alongside Fundación Tecnoglass and Fundación Pacific funded the construction of a complex that serves as an orphanage and a school for orphaned and disadvantaged children.

This campus is a home for abused and abandoned boys and girls, but also includes a middle school that provides programs to the children residing in the orphanage as well as at risk children from the surrounding community.

In agreement with the municipality of Barranquilla and the Colombian institute of family welfare, they offer tutoring, therapy, occupational workshops and extracurricular activities. Consequently, these children are given the opportunity to further develop their skills and teach them the essentials to become productive members of society.

Thanks to our Partners

Fundación Tecnoglass
Fundación Pacific
GOYA Foods


About Colombia

With over 200,000 people killed and unknown numbers of people ‘disappeared’, military confrontation in Colombia has left thousands of children homeless or living in high risk environments.

Source: Children Change Colombia

Grand Opening

April 11, 2015


Fundación Tecnoglass
Fundación Pacific
GOYA Foods


Alcaldía de Barranquilla

Our Impact

This home changed the lives of 90 children by offering them a safe haven to escape dangerous situations, heal their traumas and grow up in a loving environment while also benefiting another 145 boys & girls through educational and recreational development.