Maestro Cares Foundation is the result of multiple efforts.
Everyone involved, from the founders to the children and country administrators are an essential part of achieving our goals and have an inspiring story to share.



14 years old, México

“My dream is to keep moving forward, to finish studying and to continue in the Monterrey high school. I would like to be a Mechatronics Engineer one day. The most important thing for me is to take advantage of the opportunities that Casa Hogar and the people who support us, give me in order to continue with my life. I believe a united world can change everything, together we are better.”


12 años, México

“Mi sueño es seguir adelante, terminar de estudiar y continuar en la preparatoria del tecnológico de Monterrey. Me gustaría ser Ingeniero en Mecatrónica. Lo más importante para mi es aprovechar las oportunidades que la casa hogar y las personas que nos apoyan nos brindan, para poder continuar con mi vida. Creo en que un mundo unido puede cambiarlo todo, juntos somos mejores.”


“It makes it super special to me because it's a foundation that is helping the kids have food education and housing. Giving back to me means you are helping by donating your time or money to the less fortunate.”

Patricia J., MCF Volunteer

“Since day One, I knew Maestro Cares is my Happy Place. It is when I am the happiest, most energetic and helpful it is the best job I ever had!!! Volunteering for Maestro cares is pure love.”

Maria R., MCF Volunteer

“By donating my time and energy I help strengthen my world community but it also humbles me into realizing I am living a dream, someone else's dream life, and it is my obligation to cherish it and help the same possibilities come alive for another human being.”

Paul S., MCF Volunteer

Luisa Santiago

Orfanato Niños de Cristo

“I am honored to help transform lives. It was my dream as a little girl to help improve lives, and today it becomes a reality thanks to Maestro Cares. To see the smiles of those who once lost hope and today serve as inspiration for others, it is like being an ambassador of change in children and adolescents to help transform the world.”

Leyla Yidios Char

Internando Victor Tamayo

“There is no greater happiness than to contribute to the betterment of children, not only in Latin America, but worldwide. To offer better opportunities, and create honorable and happy children, who dream big since our youth are the future of our societies.”

Jose Fernando Quezada

Aldeas Infantiles SOS Guatemala

“It is a wonderful opportunity to channel my knowledge and experiences in favor of the neediest children in Guatemala. It is great having solid support, and having a partner who understands, and takes action in our daily fight for children’s rights.”

Jeison Aritizabal

CNN Hero 2016, Fundacion Asodisvalle

“I think God had a clear mission for me, I always asked myself why I was born with a disability, but every day I understand more the message of God. He wanted me to be a mechanism to help improve the quality of life of people who need my help. I have managed to impact the world through the recognition I have received due to my social work. I feel so happy to know that I have managed to transform lives through my life work.”

Rafael Laguillo

Corporación Mater

“Establishing this alliance with the Maestro Cares Foundation means for us, two very important types of support: on one hand, concrete help to develop important programs for our children. On the other hand, it is a very strong moral support. We are pleased to receive the trust of a team like Maestro Cares, whom we respect very much for all the good things they are doing, and with whom we feel so united in our values and vision This confidence inspires us to continue working every day to deliver better opportunities to the children we serve in our different programs.”

Help them
to keep dreaming.
you are their
opportunity to
a better life.