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Maestro Cares Foundation Scholarship Program

In 2015, Maestro Cares Foundation created the Maestro Cares Foundation Scholarship Program to promote academic excellence and provide opportunity for disadvantaged Latino youth with significant financial need as they embark on their college or university studies in Latin America and the United States. At Maestro Cares Foundation we strongly believe that higher education is the best ticket out of poverty and that means that scholarships matter now more than ever.

By reducing some of the financial barriers associated with attending and graduating college or university, the scholarship program plays a vital role in helping students with high academic and leadership promise access to pursue the education they deserve. We increase higher education access and provide the necessary tools for many motivated yet underserved youth.

Regardless of their personal and socio-economic setbacks, when considering applicants, we look for students with a compelling desire to pursue higher education. Applicants must be hardworking, resilient and determined individuals who want to make positive contributions to their local and global communities.

Through the support offered to students who are poised to do great things, this scholarship program is built to make a real impact. It intends to change the lives of our students when it comes to having access to quality education and the level of excellence they will have when they finish their degrees.

The Maestro Cares Foundation Scholarship Program funds:

1. Building Dreams Fund

This fund awards academic scholarships to low-income students of Latino heritage, with high academic performance who are pursuing undergraduate studies in the United States.


Fall 2022 Application Deadline:
June 15, 2022 @ 11PM CDT

For more info on our US applications, please contact: Mariana Gomez

2. F.J. Pollak Fund

This fund awards academic scholarships to low-income students with high academic performance who are pursuing undergraduate studies in Latin America.

For more info. please contact: Marisol Carrillo

3. Maestro Cares Foundation Fund

This fund awards academic scholarships to low-income students with high academic performance who are pursuing a masters or doctoral degree in Latin America.

For more info. please contact: Daniela Polanco

Annual gifts are a critical part of our scholarship program. With your help, we can continue changing lives, building dreams by growing this crucial program to ensure no obstacle prevents a student’s ability to receive quality education. Please join us today in educating and building our future leaders.

For more information on contributing to the Maestro Cares Foundation Scholarship Program, or to sponsor your own scholarship legacy fund, contact the development office at to discuss your interests and options.

Past Programs

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Maestro Cares Foundation / Aprende Institute Scholarship Program

Maestro Cares Foundation was a proud partner with Aprende Institute. This alliance benefited vulnerable individuals around the World. The objective of the program was to strengthen communities in need and generate educational opportunities. Through this partnership, we offered scholarships to adolescents and their families from two of our projects in Latin America, Centro de Desarrollo Integral Aldeas Infantiles SOS Guatemala - Maestro Cares Foundation and Centro de Desarrollo Familiar Maestro Cares Foundation - Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia. Recipients received high-quality online classes, tools, and training materials to complete their classes and be certified in the vocation of their choice. Classes ranged from mechanics classes, restaurant management, and much more!

“By helping to educate parents in these communities, we are helping to provide new opportunities to improve the lives of their children”
- Co-Founder of Maestro Cares Foundation, Marc Anthony.

Aprende Institute is the leading online education platform for vocational and technical training in Latin America and in the U.S. Hispanic market. It offers an array of online courses which allow its students to turn their interests into income by starting a new business or career. We are grateful to have partnered with Aprende Institute, and for being able to support the sustainable advancement of all our youth and communities in need.

For more information on Aprende visit
or contact Marisol Carrillo |

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Maestro Cares Foundation Summer Enrichment Program

This program was offered to the children at our different projects, which provided them with an opportunity to further develop their education or some particular trait during the summer.

Ricardo was our first Summer Enrichment Program beneficiary from our project in Barranquilla, Colombia. He spent more than a month in Chicago learning English and exploring the city. During his time there, Ricardo experienced all the beauty that the city has to offer with the Maestro Cares team and his host family.

Ricardo says the experience was "a dream come true." His favorite memories from the trip are spending time with his host family and attending the Gold Cup Finals between USA and Mexico.

Though Ricardo has now returned to Barranquilla, Colombia, he hopes to continue pursuing his studies in psychology with the end goal of someday returning to the United States to work. We can't wait to see what the future holds for Ricardo!

"Taking action is all it takes

to make the world a better place."