Sala Ana Frank

Agrupación de Damas Hebreas capítulo Cali 1098
Cali, Colombia

Maestro Cares Foundation allocated funds to provide new ICU technology and healthcare services for the only public hospital in the southwestern region of Colombia, Hospital Universitario del Valle Evaristo Garcia. This hospital serves underprivileged children in Cali, Colombia. The donation will upgrade and provide the best medical instruments to perform highly complex surgeries for the children at Sala Ana Frank.

Maestro Cares Foundation also built the Salita Ana Frank area to improve the mental and emotional well-being of the children.


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Agrupación de Damas Hebreas Capítulo Cali 1098

Our Impact

This donation upgrades and provides the most advanced and innovative technology available for children’s medical treatment. Thanks to our partnership, over 2,000 children will be impacted every year!