Casa Hovde: Marta Bedoya de Claure

Fundación Alalay
La Paz, Bolivia

Maestro Cares Foundation partnered with Marta Bedoya de Claure Foundation and Hovde Foundation to construct the home, Casa Hovde: Marta Bedoya de Claure, in association with Fundación Alalay.

This home houses up to 30 young girls of ages 12-19 that have suffered from severe street violence or sexual abuse. It provides them with a safe environment, a stable home, nutrition, education, mental health therapy and legal support.

Fundación Alalay’s mission is to change affective, economic and social poverty conditions in high risk children, young people and families, through prevention and protection plans. They help boys, girls and teenagers who have taken the streets as their home by providing them with a home, opportunities, encouraging reintegration, and exercising and promoting their fundamental rights.

Thanks to our Partners

Hovde Foundation
Marta Bedoya de Claure Foundation


About Bolivia

Bolivia has the highest rate of sexual abuse in Latin America. 1 in 3 girls experience sexual violence before the age of 18.

Source: Equality Now

Grand Opening

February 22, 2019


Hovde Foundation
Marta Bedoya de Claure Foundation


Fundación Alalay

Our Impact

Because of this home, girls who have suffered severe street violence or have been sexually exploited grow up in an environment where they learn about self-love, self-worth and sisterhood.