Maestro Cares Foundation House & Marta Bedoya de Claure House

Aldeas Infantiles SOS Bolivia
El Alto, Bolivia

Maestro Cares Foundation in partnership with Marta Bedoya de Claure Foundation, funded the construction of two foster care homes for Aldeas Infantiles SOS Bolivia.

These two foster care homes serve as a family environment for children who are at risk and lack parental care. Each of these two houses serve up to 8 children and an “SOS mom”. The SOS moms act as the foster parent and are the ones directly caring for the children and striving to give them love and a sense of family.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS is the largest international organization for direct care of children, present in 135 countries. They provide assistance to children without adequate parental care by giving them alternative families and a nurturing environment. They also ensure siblings of at-risk families stay together in these foster homes. The goal of the program is to strengthen families and keep them together while focusing on youth development.

Thanks to our Partners

Marta Bedoya de Claure Foundation


About Bolivia

In Bolivia, children are allowed to work from the moment they turn 10 years old. 26.7% of children 14 and under carry out dangerous work, such as working in mines.

Source: Humanium, Bolivia

Grand Opening

June 15, 2018


Marta Bedoya de Claure Foundation


Aldeas Infantiles SOS Bolivia

Our Impact

The construction of these homes helped provide a dignified space that allows the children to grow up with stability, a good education and hope to seek a better future.