Online shoppers, here’s an easy way to give back while you shop!

Did you know that…

  • Guatemala has the fourth highest rate of malnutrition in the world?
  • In 2022 alone, 748 women in Mexico have disappeared?
  • In Colombia, only 37% of children can read a simple text?
  • In the United States, 34 million Americans live in party? 12 million are children.

While these dismal rates are undoubtedly alarming, they also illustrate the importance of taking action and standing up for the rights of one of the most vulnerable demographics affected: children and adolescents.

Maestro Cares Foundation recognizes these social and economic inequalities that affect all parts of a child’s development and ability to prosper and grow into a healthy adult. But we can’t stand idly by. Thanks to our generous supporters, we have made great strides for thousands of children in Latin America and the United States. We’ve built homes in multiple countries for foster children and survivors of domestic violence. We’ve provided medical and technological resources to schools and foster homes even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve also built baseball fields across Puerto Rico so that our children can continue playing after devastating environmental disasters eroded their fields. And the list goes on!

Now, more than ever, your support is needed for Maestro Cares Foundation to continue providing life changing services and resources to our children around the world. Luckily, online stores such as PayPal have made it easy to donate every time you shop with platforms including: PayPal, eBay, GoFundMe, Humble Bundle, Airbnb, Nextdoor, ShoppingGives, and Zakatify.

When you choose Maestro Cares Foundation as the charity of your choice, you will be prompted to donate after every online purchase that you make through PayPal. No donation is too small to make a lasting impact, sign up today!

Check out these easy-to-follow instructions to get started on donating via PayPal!

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