SOS Children’s Villages California - Community Center

Palmdale, CA

MCF is providing the funding for the construction of a 7,000-square-foot community center that will serve 12 SOS foster homes and serve as a vital resource for the surrounding area. It will offer enriching services to both Village children and the local community, functioning as a center for academic, therapeutic, social, and recreational activities for young people. Additionally, this facility will serve as a communal safe space for the neighborhood, facilitating access to public resources and offering educational and financial training programs.

In 2011, SOS Children’s Villages California was created to provide the same critical support for vulnerable children in Los Angeles County. The goal of SOS Children’s villages California is to provide an alternative model of foster care by keeping siblings together. This is made possible by the construction of individual homes in the context of a community or village in communities where there is a high number of children entering into foster care. In addition, the SOS model provides a full-time professionally trained Foster Parent who cares for up to six children, ensuring their physical and emotional safety while coordinating all-inclusive services and support that allows each child to maximize their human potential.

  • Groundbreaking – February 2024
  • Grand Opening – April 2025
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February 2024

Grand Opening

April 2025


SOS Children's Villages California