Orfanato Niños de Cristo

Fundación Niños de Cristo
La Romana, Dominican Republic

The first project that Maestro Cares Foundation ever committed to was Orfanato Niños de Cristo in La Romana, Dominican Republic.

The orphanage accommodates up to 50 orphaned, abandoned or physically abused boys from 0 to 18 years of age. The campus includes dormitories, classrooms, a health clinic, a dining hall and recreational facilities.

This project laid the foundation of what Maestro Cares Foundation has completed up to date. Seeing the fruits of labor and happiness of the boys and their new home helped Maestro Cares Foundation grow its mission and led it’s work throughout Latin America and the United States.

Fundación Niños de Cristo’s mission is to provide children in need with a safe home, adequate nutrition, health services and a proper education, ideally until college, in order to help them become independent and productive members of their communities.

Thanks to our Partners

Central Romana
Fundación Tecnoglass
GOYA Foods


About Dominican Republic

Half of Dominicans younger than 18 live in poverty, struggling to get enough food, access to safe drinking water and adequate housing.

Source: U.N. Agency

Grand Opening

April 2, 2014


Central Romana
Fundación Tecnoglass
GOYA Foods


Fundación Niños de Cristo

Our Impact

This home changed the life of 50 boys by offering them a chance to stay off the streets and reduce their odds of ending up in gangs and violent environments through education at a loving home.

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