Fundación Perez Scremini

Montevideo, Uruguay

Maestro Cares Foundation funded the acquisition of essential CAR-T equipment, underscoring Fundación Perez Scremini and Maestro Cares Foundation’s mutual commitment to medical innovation and bringing renewed hope to countless lives in the region. Since 2012, Fundación Perez Scremini has been attending to children sick with cancer, ages 0-18 years old. With this expansion they are able to attend to over 2,000 child/teen patients a year.

Fundación Perez Scremini, dedicated to combating cancer in children and adolescents in Uruguay, serves as a beacon of hope for its patients. Their commitment to providing high-quality health services takes a comprehensive approach, offering medical and psychosocial support to patients and their families without imposing financial burdens. Their services encompass medical consultations, treatments, medications, hospital stays, psychological aid, research efforts, sustenance, and transportation. A standout achievement is the creation of the CAR-T Therapy Department at Hospital de Día in Montevideo, spearheaded by Fundación Perez Scremini. This specialized department focuses on treating blood cell lymphomas using CAR-T cell therapy—a groundbreaking method involving genetic modification of a patient's T-cells to target and eliminate cancer cells. Remarkably, this establishment marks Latin America's first CAR-T Therapy Center.

  • Groundbreaking: 2022
  • Grand Opening: April 13, 2023
  • Associates: Fundación Perez Scremini




Grand Opening

April 13, 2023


Fundacion Perez Scremini