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Aldeas Infantiles SOS Guatemala
San Juan Sacatepequez, Guatemala

Maestro Cares Foundation funded the construction of the Aldeas Infantiles SOS Guatemala Community Center: Centro de Desarrollo Integral, which serves children and families of San Juan Sacatepequez, Guatemala.

The Community Center serves 60 kids of 0-12 years of age and 40 families. Services include educational development, nutritional guidance and health support to children, including vaccinations. Grade school children have access to a technology center, provided by Fundación Tigo, and educational support while parents are enrolled in programs geared towards violence prevention and self-esteem development.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS is the largest international organization for direct care of children, present in 135 countries. They provide assistance to children without adequate parental care by giving them alternative families and a nurturing environment. They also ensure siblings of at-risk families stay together in these foster homes. The goal of the program is to strengthen families and keep them together while focusing on youth development.

Thanks to our Partners

Fundación Tigo


About Guatemala

59.3% of the population in Guatemala lives under the poverty line and the housing deficit exceeds 1.6 million households.

Source: Habitat for Humanity

Grand Opening

April 2, 2018


Fundación Tigo


Aldeas Infantiles SOS Guatemala

Our Impact

This center has enabled working mothers to be at ease while their infant children are being taken care of in a safe and healthy environment, receiving proper education and nutrition. The center has also provided a communal space in this remote part of Guatemala where residents come together and exchange ideas to improve their communities.