Casa La Madre y El Niño - CASA LA MADRE Y EL NINO

Bogota, Colombia

Maestro Cares Foundation will provide the funding for much-needed renovations to its current facility. The newly renovated space will increase their capacity to reach more children by creating a playroom, build out additional bedrooms, modernize bathrooms, establish a tranquil study area to enhance the learning environment, and add space for psychosocial interventions. These changes will ensure that the children have access to welcoming and private spaces for individual interventions.

Casa La Madre y El Niño (La Casa) is a non-profit organization founded in 1942 in Bogotá, Colombia and the first adoption agency in Bogotá. They have helped over 9,375 children, including 800 with special needs. Furthermore, La Casa provides care to children temporarily separated from their biological families by offering reunification programs aimed at enhancing parenting and problem-solving skills. As of 2023, this program has supported 10,551 minors so far. Additionally, La Casa has cared for more than 3,000 mothers facing challenging pregnancies.

  • Groundbreaking: TBD - Q1 2024
  • Grand Opening: TBD – Q4 2024
  • Associates: Casa la Madre y El Niño

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TBD - Q1 2024

Grand Opening

TBD - Q4 2024


Casa la Madre y El Niño