Aldeas Infantiles SOS Ecuador Centro Familiar y Comunitario

Aldeas Infantiles SOS Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador

Overview: This is Maestro Cares Foundation’s first project in Ecuador; it funded the construction of a transitional home aimed at children who have endured abuse, abandonment, and neglect. This transitional home stands out for its unique integration within the child's own community, deviating from the conventional village or aldea setup. This strategic integration in the community aims to restore the child's basic rights and provide them with a resemblance of a normal family life. Functioning as a temporary refuge, this facility, covering an acre, serves as a protective space for children separated from their families. During their stay, Aldeas Infantiles SOS Ecuador is dedicated to not only preserving but also strengthening family bonds. The primary objective is to prevent abandonment and actively facilitate the eventual reintegration of the child or adolescent with their biological family. This nurturing home accommodates a small group of 6-8 children, each undergoing a restorative journey that spans approximately 6 months to 2 years. The ultimate goal is to either reunite them with their biological families or prepare them for independent living. This commitment underscores MCF's dedication to making a lasting positive impact by cultivating a secure and nurturing environment, providing these children with the opportunity to heal, develop, and ultimately reintegrate into their communities and families.

  • Groundbreaking: July 20, 2021
  • Grand Opening: March 10, 2022
  • Associates: Aldeas Infantiles SOS Ecuador


About Ecuador

Approximately 5.6 million children live in Ecuador and only one in five children grow up in households free from neglect and/or abuse.

Source: SOS Children’s Village International

Grand Opening

March 10, 2022


Aldeas Infantiles SOS Ecuador

Our Impact

This home provides children who are in a protective state with a stable environment while they are placed in a more permanent situation.

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