Casa de Acogida Corporación Renal Infantil Mater

Corporación Renal Infantil Mater
Santiago, Chile

Maestro Cares Foundation partnered with Bizarro Live Entertainment to fund the construction of a temporary pediatric home for children who suffer from renal disease and who are in need of an organ transplant.

This temporary home, operated by Corporación Renal Infantil Mater houses up to 9 families while the child receives treatment at the Children’s Hospital in Santiago. Most specialists for transplant and renal disease are concentrated in the capital. Children in rural areas who suffer from these diseases need to travel to the city center to get the treatment and care they need. With the Casa de Acogida, families dealing with these illnesses who live far from the city of Santiago are able to receive free medical treatment and care, and live temporarily in a safe, healthy and clean space to make their hardship experience more bearable.

Corporación Renal Infantil Mater’s mission is to improve the care and treatment of low-income children with renal or urological diseases in order to avoid end-stage renal damage, with special focus on prevention.

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Bizarro Live Entertainment


About Chile

The number of people living below the national poverty line in Chile has varied throughout the years. In 2017, this number was at around three million citizens, whereas the number of people living on less than $1.90 a day has successfully reached its lowest point of 0.9 percent of the population.

Source: The World Bank

Grand Opening

August 31, 2022


Bizarro Live Entertainment


Corporación Renal Infantil Mater

Our Impact

Nine families have a wonderful home during times of distress while their child is able to fully focus on the his/her recovery, increasing the treatment success rates.

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