#OurChildren Around the World: Puerto Rico

Every month we highlight our projects from around the world by placing the spotlight on one of the 13 countries and territories that we serve. This month, we’re highlighting our projects in Puerto Rico, where we have completed two projects across the island.

Hogar San Miguel- Ponce, Puerto Rico

Our first project in Puerto Rico, Hogar San Miguel, opened its doors in August 2017. The Orphanage is home to 20 abandoned and abused boys whose ages range from 8 to 18 years old. Many of the boys living in the home have specialized needs, ranging from HIV/AIDS, ADHD and other learning disabilities. Providing specialized care for each child was crucial, which is why we ensured that the home included a team of highly trained staff and high-quality amenities such as a full kitchen, dining room, therapy rooms, entertainment and recreational rooms, as well as outdoor spaces for sports and socialization.

Since COVID-19 restrictions have been implemented across the island, all of the boys at Hogar San Miguel have remained at home. All classes and therapeutic services have moved online, and the boys have made a great adjustment.

Unicef/Maestro Cares Foundation: Play Ball Again

In 2017, a series of hurricanes touched down on the island of Puerto Rico, devastating the nation and upending communities. Over 300 baseball fields were completely wiped out, leaving adolescent players and teams without the means to continue playing.

We knew we needed to do something to ensure these children could continue playing, which is why we partnered with Unicef, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), The Good Bunny Foundation, and Cubs Charities to reconstruct 6 new baseball fields that would support local programming for over 17,500 youth players and create an “upward spiral of opportunity that goes beyond the dugout,” according to Maurice A Jones, President and CEO of LISC. This initiative was part of a bigger effort to reconstruct 25 fields all over the island.

“Baseball isn’t just a game in this context. It helps young people do better in school and improves family life and health in difficult circumstances.”

Marc Anthony, Latin music icon & co-founder of Maestro Cares Foundation

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