Keeping it Cool: Six Easy Ways to stay Safe this Summer

Summer is one of our favorite seasons, and for good reason! The days are longer, the pool is open, and there’s no limit on the number of outdoor activities available for the entire family. But too much fun in the sun can become harmful if proper measures aren’t taken into consideration, especially for our little ones who are more sensitive to heat and sun damage.

So before stepping outside to play, make sure your children are safe and protected with the following tips.

1. Check the temperature

Children and infants are one of the most vulnerable to heat-related illness and death because their bodies are less able to adapt to heat compared to adults. (source) According to the National Weather Service, a Heat Index of 90 degrees poses a serious health risk. This number may vary depending on the relative humidity as outlined in the Heat Index.

UV rays are typically strongest during the Summer months, between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, so limit or reschedule strenuous activity until the coolest time of the day, and don’t forget to lather on sunscreen (SPF 50, according to Dr. Jennifer Mancusco).

2. Stay hydrated

Make sure you always have water on hand for children to drink, even when they are not thirsty. Make sure the water is free of caffeine and sugar, which can lead to dehydration. We like to carry our Maestro Cares Foundation (MCF) water bottle everywhere we go! Available now on our website for cold and hot beverages.

3. Embrace pool time

Here’s a fun tip: get in the water! Turn on the sprinkler or walk over to your local park district for a fun splash—but don’t forget to reapply sunscreen! Our MCF Summer Bundle offers a great selection of protection and utility. Available now at a special price!

4. Dress for comfort and protection

Wear clothing that reflects the sunlight, such as light-colored and loose-fitting items. There are also clothing items that block UV rays, which would be a great addition to your children’s wardrobe! Don’t forget a brimmed hat and sunglasses to complete the look.

5. Staying cool inside? Turn on the fan!

Staying safe this Summer also includes indoor safety. If air conditioners are not available, make sure your children are in a room where air can circulate, and make sure that they are out of reach from the blades or the plug. Do not direct the flow of portable electric fans towards yourself when temperature is hotter than 90 degrees, as this can cause further dehydration. If neither a fan nor an air conditioner is available, head to your local library to cool down. Now, your children can immerse themselves in books and educational activities while staying cool.

6. Lead by example

Our children are our biggest fans, and when we practice what we preach, our children are often eager to follow. Follow our five easy tips and encourage your children to do the same. Eventually, Summer safety precautions will be second-nature and your kids will be asking if you packed the sunscreen!

Have a safe Summer, MCF family!