Meet Claudia Ayala, #MCFWorldChanger Ambassador

Maestro Cares Foundation consists of numerous members that keep our wheels rotating and our impact growing. Each dedicated employee, volunteer and ambassador adds a unique element to our work, and we are immensely grateful for everyone’s ongoing commitment to our mission of changing lives and building dreams for children in Latin America and the United States.

Today we would like to highlight Claudia Ayala, a long-time advocate and integral member of our team who is going above and beyond to champion our mission. Claudia has been actively engaged with Maestro Cares Foundation on various levels; from being a hands-on volunteer and child sponsor to collaborating with our team in event planning and new program initiatives, Claudia’s compassion and creativity has made a measurable impact on the lives of the children that we serve.

#MCFWorldChanger Ambassador, Claudia Ayala

Claudia first connected with Maestro Cares Foundation as a volunteer for social media. This gave Claudia the opportunity to learn more about our projects on a personal level, and even meet #OurChildren and staff across our projects in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Claudia’s big heart remained connected to our children and our work long after the end of her time volunteering for our organization. Claudia continued advocating for our mission by sponsoring a child and sharing our work with her community to expand our outreach.

Claudia’s commitment inspires us. Her positive and motivational online presence partnered with her deep connection to children and women’s advocacy made her an excellent candidate for our #MCFWorldChanger Ambassador program. Since becoming an ambassador, Claudia has made a huge impact. In August, Claudia worked closely with our team to organize a successful event in Houston, which raised over $100,000!

Claudia’s efforts, however, don’t stop there! While also remaining busy with her successful Latina Empowerment brand, The Latina Power, Claudia and Maestro Cares are partnering for another exciting collaboration which we know our supporters are going to LOVE! Stay tuned as we share the announcement for this exciting partnership!

Thank you, Claudia, for expanding your heart for Maestro Cares Foundation and the children we serve! Together we are changing lives, building dreams.