Join us for a summer of sports and recreation for #OurChildren!


This weekend marks the beginning of Spring, and what is warm weather without some safe and fun sports and recreation!

Some of our greatest childhood memories can be traced back to “play time” with friends and family. Whether “play time” was on the field or drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, these positive childhood experiences are etched into our minds as unforgettable memories. 

Not only are sports and physical recreation good for a growing child’s body, they are also good for their minds! Studies show that sports and physical activity also has a psychological benefit that teaches children and adolescents important life skills.

Maestro Cares Foundation firmly believes that every child deserves a safe place to live, learn and play. This summer, we want to ensure that all of #OurChildren have access to sporting equipment, recreational supplies and tools to experience a summer with unforgettable memories. Visit our online store today and purchase an item from our Sports and Recreation section. This section features five (5) different items that you can purchase today to support sports and recreational opportunities for #OurChildren across all of our projects! 

We hope you will join us in making this summer of sports and recreation for #OurChildren the most memorable yet! #ChangingLivesBuildingDreams

Items on our online shop include:

  • Jump Rope and Chalk

  • Water and Healthy Snacks

  • Gym Shoes

  • Sporting Equipment

  • Soccer Goal Post

Interested in making a difference on a recurring basis? Join our #LeaveYourLegacy program and make a life-changing difference for a child that will last a lifetime.

Want to make an impact? Consider making a donation to support our children and their recreational sports!