2020 – March Newsletter

Celebrating Women’s History Month
Women’s History Month amplifies women’s voices to honor the past, inform the present, and inspire the future. At Maestro Cares Foundation, we’re celebrating the strong women, past and present, in our lives and empowering the girls we serve every day so they, too, know they have the power to be tomorrow’s leaders!
Zaidy Cardenas
This Women’s History Month we’re putting the spotlight on our Executive Director, Zaidy Cardenas –  the glue that keeps our team together. Zaidy was the visionaire for Maestro Cares Foundation after volunteering in La Romana, Dominican Republic. She noticed the needs of the young girls and boys and immediately knew she had to do something. Eight years later, Maestro Cares Foundation has served thousands of children in over 12 countries through her guidance and leadership as Executive Director! Thank you for your constant support, innovation, and passion, Zaidy! From all of us at Maestro Cares Foundation – we love you! 

“I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I did not give up.”

Maestro Cares Foundation’s
Board of Directors
Elena Sotomayor, Board of Directors

“I will never forget the day I walked into a room full of vulnerable, hopeful, beautiful children. All I saw in their eyes was hope, love, and the will to survive. Their relentlessness inspires me to commit to them and give them my heart forever. From that day, they owned my soul for the rest of my life.” 


Martha Korman-Zumwalt, Advisory Board Member

“My heart goes to family and children; it’s the root foundation of all and Maestro Cares Foundation’s mission lines up with my core values: Plant, Plan, Prioritze, and Pray.

Maestro Cares Foundation is planting the seed for the future, planning how to develop it by prioritizing the needs of the children and the communities, and I, as an Advisory Board Member, pray for it to be carried out.”

Amalia Micone, Advisory Board Member

” I believe we all come into the world as equals, the only difference is our access to opportunities in a loving environment. Maestro Cares Foundation fulfills these core values by giving children a chance to see a bright future.  

I am honored to be part of the synergy they have created to bring positive impact to those in vulnerable circumstances.”

We’re committed to the children we serve: COVID-19 responses
During this challenging time, Maestro Cares Foundation is doing all we can to ensure our children and communities are protected. Our projects have taken the necessary precautions to maintain social distancing, provide our children with workshops on how to wash their hands, and ensure cleaning resources are readily available – to name a few.

We’re incredibly grateful for the medical community who have been risking their lives to protect us all. We are with you and will continue to do our part to fight this virus together. Sending all of our supporters lots of positivity and love during this time. As always please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns. 
We LOVE our supporters!