“Live, Learn, Play”: Maestro Cares Foundation featured on the Wintrust Mural Building!

Maestro Cares Foundation is proud to announce the display of the “Live, Learn, Play” artwork that is featured on the Wintrust Mural Building! Located alongside the busiest highway in the United States, the Kennedy Expressway, our mural will be visible to thousands of Chicagoland commuters from February 15th through March 31st!

About the Wintrust Mural Building and MCF’s Chicago roots

The Mural Building located at 1735 N. Ashland Avenue, has been a show-stopping mural wall for decades. Owned and operated by Wintrust Financial Corporation, the mural uses art to raise awareness for Chicagoland’s impact-driven non-profits that are committed to making a lasting difference.

Chicago holds a special place in our foundation’s heart. Not only is Maestro Cares Foundation established here, but we also opened up our first US project right in the heart of Chicago! In 2015, we partnered with SOS Children’s Villages Illinois to construct the Roosevelt Square Community Center in the city’s west side. The Community center will service neighboring families and communities from Pilsen, University Village, Little Village and North Lawndale. We are proud to serve our Chicagoland youth and families. Now, we’re honored to share our mission with Chicagoan’s through our Live, Learn, Play mural on display at the Wintrust Mural Building!

About the artwork

The Maestro Cares Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children and communities in Latin America and the United States by creating healthy and safe environments for children to live, learn and play. To represent our mission, we partnered with local Chicagoland artist, Pugs Atomz, to create a visually impactful design that highlights our mission.His artistic inspiration stems from his upbringing in the Englewood community in Chicago, where he continues to educate and work closely with the residents and youth to reflect their rich and positive narratives.

Pugs Atomz’ commitment to engaging his community strongly aligned with our mission of empowering tomorrow’s leaders. For the Maestro Cares Foundation mural, Pugs Atomz implemented his artistic style to produce a design with bold colors and imagery that directly corresponds with our mission.

The main panel features the three core values of our mission “Live, Learn and Play.” On another panel, children are depicted among a stack of books and sports equipment, which represents the building blocks that form an empowered child- education, care, love and play. The final panel features children across the globe with a smile on their face and uniforms that depict their future successes.

Live, Learn, Play artist Pugs Atomz, posing in front of the SOS Roosevelt Community Center, Maestro Cares Foundation’s first US project.

Did our Live, Learn, Play mural inspire you? Take action!

There are many ways for you to get involved with our foundation and make a difference in the lives of children and communities across Latin America and the United States.

Your support helps create safe spaces like Chicago's own SOS Children's Villages Illinois Roosevelt Square Community Center and other projects that improves the quality of life of disadvantaged children and communities in Latin America and the United States.