Internado Monseñor Victor Tamayo

Barranquilla, Colombia
Grand Opening: April 11th 2015

Many children in Colombia have lost parents due to civil conflict and HIV/AIDS. While others are abandoned due to extreme poverty, parental drug abuse or arrest, and still others are left without homes and parental care after serving time as child combatants.

The work of Maestro Cares Foundation continued with the funding of the construction of Internando Monseñor Victor Tamayo, a home for abused, abandoned and orphaned boys and girls. This home includes dormitories, a dining area, indoor and outdoor recreational areas and a middle school. “Trabajando Por los Niños is a state program also offered at this faciliy. This program provides day care services as well as a school to at-risk children from the surrounding community.

Internado Monseñor Victor Tamayo’s mission is to restore children’s rights through an affective and protective environment that provides the necessary tools for personal development and access to services and opportunities.

“We are so proud to work with a foundation like Maestro Cares which shares our dedication and commitment to bringing aid to the children in Latin American communities who need it the most.”

Bob Unanue, President of GOYA Foods.

Thanks to our Partners

Alcaldia de Barranquilla (Land Donation)
Fundación Colombia Somos Todos James Rodríguez
Fundación Pacific
Fundación Tecnoglass
GOYA Foods