Hogar San Miguel

Ponce, Puerto Rico
Grand Opening: August 3rd 2017

In Puerto Rico, about 200 children a month experience child abuse. (Department of Family)

Maestro Cares Foundation, along with its partners, funded the construction of a home for disadvantaged boys in Puerto Rico. Hogar San Miguel is a home for 20 abandoned or abused boys whose ages range from 8 to 18 years old. Many of the boys have mild to moderate special needs including HIV/AIDS and ADHD. This home includes a full kitchen, dining room, library, therapy rooms, entertainment room, patio and a sports area among other amenities.

Hogar San Miguel is operated by a highly qualified staff, a welcoming structure where children who reside here receive love, attention and special services such as 24/7 accommodations, medical services, food and nutrition services, sports, education, mental health, social workers, speech pathology, occupational therapy, audiology, transportation and spiritual support.

“They are wonderful boys that have adapted very well to school and the structure of the house."

Staff, Hogar San Miguel

Thanks to our Partners

La Iglesia Espicopales Puertorriqueña
MB Holdings
Municipio Autonomo de Ponce
Sistema de Salud Espicopales San Lucas
Tecnoglass (Windows & Doors)
GOYA Foods (Kitchen)