Centro de Rehabilitación Jeison Aristizbal - Asodisvalle

Cali, Colombia
Grand Opening: September 6th 2019
Maestro Cares Foundation and El Arte de los Sueños partnered with Fundación Asodisvalle, an institution whose mission is to help low- income children who have physical or cognitive disabilities. The foundation offers free services and special attention specifically in education and rehabilitation services. Maestro Cares Foundation and El Arte de los Sueños funded the construction of Asodisvalle’s educational building. This new addition to its current facility is a three-story building that has a physiotherapy floor, classrooms for learning, and a recreational area on the rooftop. Maestro Cares Foundation also donated equipment for the rehab center, as well as rebuilt and expanded the kitchen and dining area. These new additions to Asodisvalle will mean we can support at least 200 more children, thus impacting more than 800 children with physical or cognitive disabilities and their families.

Funding was used to build a third floor at the Asodisvalle center and school. This third floor is used as physiotherapy center for children needing physical rehab services, classrooms for learning, and a recreational area. Funding also helped to provide equipment for the Rehab Center and remodel the current kitchen.

School life expectancy for students from the poorest backgrounds is just 6 years, compared with 12 years for the richest. More structured support in the early years would make a difference for disadvantaged students.


Thanks to our Partners

El Arte de los Sueños
Fundación Tecnoglass