Casa Hovde: Marta Bedoya de Claure

La Paz, Bolivia
Grand Opening: February 22nd 2019
Maestro Cares Foundation partnered with Marta Bedoya de Claure Foundation and Hovde Foundation to construct Casa Hovde: Marta Bedoya de Claure in association with Fundación Alalay. It houses 30 young girls who were living in the street and have suffered from street violence. The girls are provided with a safe environment, a stable home, nutrition, education, mental health therapy and legal support.

The mission of Alalay is to work with children in high-risk situations to get them off the streets. With this specific program, Alalay aims to empower girls and help them enter the labor market.

“Maestro Cares is the friendly and sincere hand of Alalay, who supports us in providing a warm home with love and welfare to girls and teenagers. They promote significant changes in the lives of children, helping them to transform their environment and community”.

Claudia Gonzales, Executive Director of Fundacion Alalay

Thanks to our Partners

Marta Bedoya de Claure Foundation
Hovde Foundation