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Casa Hogar Alegria – Guadalajara, Mexico

MEXICO Casa Hogar Alegria – Guadalajara Guadalajara, Mexico Grand Opening: December 6th 2018 Maestro Cares Foundation, Fundación Telmex Telcel and Casa Hogar Alegría partnered once again for another girl’s home in Mexico. A stunning 1.65-acre campus with 2,430 square feet of construction consists of a dormitory for over 50 girls, a dining hall, education and…

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Casa Hogar Alegria Cacalomacán – Toluca, Mexico

MEXICO Casa Hogar Alegria- Cacalomacán Toluca, Mexico Grand Opening: March 9th 2016 It is estimated that around 412,000 children in Mexico live without parental care, according to SOS Children’s Villages International. The main reasons leading to the loss of parental care are maternal mortality, femicide, AIDS and Mexico’s on-going drug cartel violence. Maestro Cares Foundation…

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SOS Children’s Villages Illinois Roosevelt Square Community Center – Chicago, IL

PROJECT IN PROGRESS U.S.A SOS Children’s Villages Illinois Roosevelt SquareCommunity Center Chicago, Illinois Grand Opening: June 11th 2019 In the United States, 400,540 children are in the U.S. foster care system. Most children are placed temporarily in foster care due to parental abuse or neglect. Maestro Cares Foundation’s first project in the United States is…

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