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Aldeas infantiles SOS – Guatemala

GUATEMALA Centro de Desarrollo Integral Aldeas Infantiles SOS San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala Grand Opening: April 2nd, 2018 In association with Aldeas Infantiles SOS Guatemala, Maestro Cares Foundation constructed a community center serving children and families of San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. Services include nutritional and health support to children including vaccinations. Grade school children have access…

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Fundacion TIGO-Escuela Palo Verde

GUATEMALA Fundacion TIGO- Escuela Palo Verde Jalapa, Guatemala Grand Opening: September 5th, 2019 The second Maestro Cares Foundation project in Guatemala was possible through the collaboration with Fundación Tigo. Together, these two foundations remodeled and reconstructed three schools in Palo Verde, Jalapa, Guatemala – a vulnerable community that is highly affected by poverty and water…

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