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Casita de Belen

COLOMBIA Casita de Belen Cali, Colombia Grand Opening: September 6th 2019 Maestro Cares Foundation, along with Grupo Trusot, joined efforts in Cali, Colombia, for the prevalent need that is present there. Together, they funded a third building, adding to the current Casita de Belen orphanage, which now provides new dormitories for babies and tolders who…

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Aldeas Infantiles SOS – Colombia

COLOMBIA Centro de Desarrollo Integral Aldeas Infantiles SOS Cali, Colombia Grand Opening: September 8th, 2018 Aldeas Infantiles SOS Colombia, Centro de Desarrollo Familiar, opened in February 2019. This community center offers participants, families and the SOS community with guidance through trainings, activities and empowerment programs. The program’s primary purpose is to prevent children from being…

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Fundacion Asodisvalle

COLOMBIA Fundacion Asodisvalle Cali, Colombia Grand Opening: September 6th, 2019 Maestro Cares Foundation and El Arte de los Sueños partnered with Fundación Asodisvalle, an institution whose mission is to help low- income children who have physical or cognitive disabilities. The foundation offers free services and special attention specifically in education and rehabilitation services. Maestro Cares…

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Internado Monseñor Victor Tamayo

COLOMBIA Internado Monseñor Victor Tamayo Barranquilla, Colombia Grand Opening: April 11th 2015 Many children in Colombia have lost parents due to civil conflict and HIV/AIDS. While others are abandoned due to extreme poverty, parental drug abuse or arrest, and still others are left without homes and parental care after serving time as child combatants. The…

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