Casita de Belen

Cali, Colombia
Grand Opening: September 6th 2019
Maestro Cares Foundation, along with Grupo Trusot, joined efforts in Cali, Colombia, for the prevalent need that is present there. Together, they funded a third building, adding to the current Casita de Belen orphanage, which now provides new dormitories for babies and tolders who suffer from abandonment and are in physical or psychological danger. This space also includes a recreational area for the children to live and play in.

Casita de Belén is a non-profit institution that protects and supports vulnerable children and families to work on their life plan and allows them to integrate into society as worthy and responsible individuals. The fundamental purpose of its work is to enrich the conditions of socialization, as a basic strategy to promote the harmonious development of children, and to improve the family environment, qualifying parenting and education practices, to progressively transform the meaning of childhood in family and social life.

With the new addition to their facilities, Casita de Belén will be able to care for more than 100 children.

Thanks to our Partners

Grupo Trusot
Tecnoglass (Windows & Doors)