2020 – July Newsletter

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Our Children Around the World:

Our Children Around the World, Episode 5: Bolivia
It’s a special month for the #OurChildren Around the World series! This month, we’re highlighting our projects in Bolivia. To make things special, our girls from Aldeas Infantiles SOS Boliviaamong the children from our various projects, are sharing special recipes just for you! The full recipe book will be available on the Maestro Cares Foundation’s online shop, including different traditional recipes made by our children from our projects across Latin America. All proceeds will go directly towards supporting our mission of improving the quality of life for children in Latin America and the United States.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to support our children and try new recipes from around the world! The cookbook is on sale for $10, this month only!
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According to a study by the ECLAC and UNICEF, 45% of children in Latin America and the Caribbean are affected by at least one moderate to severe deprivation, which may include: nutrition, access to drinking water, connection to sanitation services, quality of housing, and access to education. As we continue working to combat social inequalities in Latin America and the United States, we need your help to protect and empower our future generation.

This month, we’re launching our #WhyWait campaign. Why wait until the holiday season to support local non-profits, when millions of children and families need your support today? Make a one-time donation or visit our online gift shop, with new items for you and your family. Each thoughtful purchase will go directly towards our children, so Why Wait? Support Maestro Cares Foundation and our children today!

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Project Update

Just as COVID-19 has forever altered our daily routines, each of our projects have made dedicated efforts to keep our children safe. See how each project has independently worked to provide a safe and stable place for our children.
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We our supporters!

We’re pleased to announce our Summer 2020 interns!

Each of our interns play an integral role in supporting the Maestro Cares  Foundation’s initiative of improving the lives of children in Latin America and the United States. 
Onix Nava, Communications and Marketing InternOnix is joining us for a second time. She is a journalism major at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. 
Jeremy Libretti, Web Programming Intern, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Northwestern University. He aids with all web development needs. 
Felipe Gonzalez, Video Editor intern, is from Medellin, Colombia, and is currently studying Communications and Audiovisuals at the University of Medellin. Felipe is assiting with videography and editing. 
Tala Motameni, Online Support intern, has helped in the past with event and development initiatives, such as our Annual Gala. She is currently helping with our online store.

Thank you all for helping us change lives and build dreams!

Amazon Smile is now Available in the Amazon App!
AmazonSmile customers can now support Maestro Cares Foundation in the Amazon shopping app on iOS and Android mobile phones! Click here for instructions.