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Alma Ramirez

“A Child is born pure and innocent, we as adults mold them/guide them into what they will potentially become”  – Ms. Ramirez’s mother.

Alma is a driven and innovative regional business management professional with over twenty-five years of direct industry experience. Alma is an experienced business professional that perceives daily challenges as a means of creating improvement in process and opportunity to broadening her professional acumen.

In a recent role, she worked as a senior accountant at a for-profit retail services firm based in Lisle, Illinois. Among many of the accomplishments throughout her time at this firm, Alma spearheaded an initiative to develop financial reporting and reconciliation protocols required to execute the firm’s acquisition of a $20 million dollar merchandising company.

Prior to holding her position at the retail services firm, Alma held a position as a regional business manager at a nonprofit agency located in the main business district of Chicago. For this nonprofit agency, Alma managed an $11 million dollar budget allocated for child care operations spanning twenty-four locations throughout Chicagoland. As the regional business manager, Alma was responsible for financial reporting, creation and review of budgets and submission of compliant child care government program vouchers. She also managed account payables, payroll, and revenue recognition. During this role, Alma also was responsible for required agency reporting to the City of Chicago.

Alma’s diversified experience and commitment to the development of her career has afforded her the experience and skills to be successful in the not for profit industry.

Her favorite thing about being part of the Maestro Cares team?   “The mission and goal to give every child an opportunity to live the best that they can”