Colombia Visit

On January 10th, Co-Founder Henry Cardenas alongside our partners who helped bring this project to life: Fundacion Tecnoglass, Fundacion Pacific, Alcaldia de Barranquilla and Goya Foods, visited Internado Monseñor Victor Tamayo in Barranquilla, Colombia. As they toured the facilities, they were able to view the positive developments of this project which opened in 2015. They distributed gifts and spent the afternoon with more than 100 children who are benefitting from these programs and home.

Special thanks to Maestro Cares’s Board Member, Elena Sotomayor, Christian Daes (Tecnoglass), Rafael Toro (Goya Foods), Leyla Char (Alcaldia de Barranquilla) and representatives from Fundacion Pacific for taking the time to visit Internado Monseñor Victor Tamayo.