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Maestro Cares Founders


Marc Anthony, international pop icon and singer, is the world’s best-selling tropical salsa artist and has the most number-one albums on the Billboard Tropical Albums year-end charts.

In April 2015, Marc Anthony added to his success by announcing the formation of a new, diverse entertainment company, Magnus Media, whose operating units include an artist management company, music publishing, digital content creation, film & television, a music label, a sports division and an entertainment-centric marketing practice focused on employing the power of top Latino content creators in the U.S. and worldwide.

Despite all his fame and success in the entertainment industry, perhaps
his most important work began in January 2012, when he collaborated with Henry Cardenas to create Maestro Cares Foundation, intended to address the housing, academic and health challenges that orphaned children face each day in developing Latin American countries.

“I’m blessed to be a part of this project. There are millions of children suffering throughout Latin America and the United States. Maestro Cares Foundation is making a positive change in the lives of these children. I look forward to the continuous growth and expansion of the organization. I hope Maestro Cares will inspire others to do the same.”


Mr. Henry Cardenas has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Cardenas Marketing Network, Inc. since September 2003. A renowned and respected industry leader, Mr. Cardenas has spent the last 30 years managing, producing and executing some of the biggest and most original live Latin entertainment events in the U.S. and across Latin America. Prior to launching CMN, Mr. Cardenas served for more than 16 years as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cardenas/Fernandez & Associates (CFA). There, he was instrumental in making CFA the largest Hispanic production company of sports, music and other live entertainment events in the U.S. and the Caribbean. In 2011, he was inducted into the Chicago Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame and in 2015, Billboard named him
as one of its Top “Latin Power Players.” CMN continues to increase revenue growth under his leadership and guidance.

Mr. Cardenas has always made giving back to the community a priority, and that is why in 2012, he teamed up with his friend of more than 20 years, Marc Anthony, to create a foundation that would help orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America.

“Maestro Cares is one of the biggest projects ever for me. It’s definitely the most rewarding one because of the benefits it will bring for orphaned children all over Latin America who really need our help. Beyond providing basic needs, I want to increase the academic programs at the orphanages because everyone deserves a good education. That’s a major priority for me with Maestro Cares. It’s very sad when children don’t have the basic needs, like food and clothing, things that we take for granted. Children are full of life and they deserve to be nurtured, in both mind and body. They are our future and we need to take care of them. I’m fortunate to be able to give back. It really is a labor of love. There’s nothing like making a positive impact on someone.”

“It really is a labor of love. There’s nothing like making a positive impact on someone.” - Marc Anthony